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Why Using a CRM is Important to Your Business Growth?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

A CRM is a system that allows businesses to manage customer relationships, including the data and information associated with them. It gives you the ability to store all customers and prospects contact information, accounts, leads and sales opportunities in one accessible location.

A glance on using CRM in different departments

For Marketing, a CRM solution allows you to organize multiple marketing campaigns and assets in one location and segment your audience relevantly.

As in Sales, it allows you to access and organize information about your prospects in details. You will have real-time view about recent activities on your accounts, ensuring your communication with sales leads. Also your sales team will have a complete view of sales funnel for the first time, which means a deeper understanding of how to convert leads to customers and for accurate sales forecasting.

If you’re in Customer Service, a CRM solution allows you to provide 360-degree service to each customer. Service agents will have access to complete case histories, detailed account information, and even the prefered method of communication.

On-Demand CRM Solution

Using a cloud-based CRM gives you entirely secure data center. No hardware to be installed and no IT hires required. With Salesforce, a whole company can be set up with minimal cost and effort.

You will also deliver maintenance automatically. If you face issues, a support technician investigates the problem just in few minutes. This means time-saving, lower maintenance cost, and more time for selling.

CRM and Business Growth

Increase Your Revenue Studies shows that salespeople spend only 25-30% of their time selling, while the rest is spent on administrative work like qualifying leads, forecasting, routing leads, and researching.

Salesforce CRM solution is designed to enhance sales ability to sell, avoiding daily time wasting and allowing sales team to do what they do best.

Increase Win Rate

20% By increasing win rates, strengthening pipeline, improving the 360-degree view of a customer, and providing technology that sales team needs, Salesforce creates a 20% average revenue increase for customers who switch from other competitors.

For sales, success is determined by the amount of business they bring in. However, with easier access to relevant information and research among consumers, closing a deal is harder than ever before.

Salesforce was designed to solve such issues and make closing a deal as easy as possible. Leads are automatically transferred as they come in, complete with contact information, account activity, and relevant company information. Salesforce users have immediate information to start converting a lead into a customer.

Performance metrics make understanding what is working and what is not easier than ever. In addition, the Salesforce1 Mobile App makes it easier to sell from anywhere. Every aspect of Salesforce has been designed to help users win deals.

360º View of Customers For salesperson, searching leads can be a long and boring process. Determining their last account activity, understanding their industry, collecting their interests from social media — the whole process takes massive time.

Salesforce puts all this information in one place where a prospect’s contact information is right next to all relevant details about their company and the stage they reached in sales cycle. Access these data easily and let the research process go faster and more effective.

Increase Agility Where sales used to see a shift in strategy detection over decades, technology has forced sales organizations to adopt a new tactic or tool in a matter of days. Using on-premise systems, this level of agility is impossible.

Salesforce is amazingly agile and flexible to fit the needs of its users. Tools from Salesforce’s product line can be added in minutes. Additional users can be added with a few keystrokes.

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