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We are a cloud consulting company and a Salesforce consulting partner in the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and all around the Middle East region.

We will provide you a full consultation service to fit your business needs and will put you on the right path.


Successful Salesforce projects in the region


Stars customer satisfaction on the Appexchange


Successful customers in UAE


Years of consulting experience

Our focused approach and eagerness to address new challenges allow us to deliver flexible and reliable solutions that our customers can trust.


Trust Leads to approachability and open communication and Nothing is more important to our company than our customers' data.


Regularly providing new, solutions gives our customers a competitive advantage.


Our customers’ success is important to our family and we’re committed to achieving their expectations.

We would definitely recommend zCloud Consultancy for any other business

It has been a pleasure working with zCloud Consultancy. They have been extremely helpful in understanding our business and customizing the platform for our requirements. We saw the passion to start and complete our project on time. The quality provided by them was outstanding given the time they were given to finish the project. They have shown the required experience to successfully deliver that project.

― Dubai South

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We are a cloud consulting company and A Salesforce Consulting partner in United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon.

Our team is a group of passionate Salesforce specialists who love to help our customers achieve their goals.

We provide a full consultation service to fit your business needs and will put you on the right path.

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