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Sales Cloud

Convert more leads, close more deals, and understand the health of your entire business with Sales Cloud

World’s #1 CRM

Build longtime, loyal customers with every interaction

Connect sales, marketing, finance, billing, and service teams to guide each prospect through a personalized customer journey. Connect every conversation to an opportunity.

Build longtime, loyal customers with eve

Win new customers and grow existing relationships

Deliver a better buying experience when your teams are connected on a single platform.

Build a 360-degree view of your customer

Streamline coordination with a single source of truth for your internal teams and channel partners. Get real-time visibility into customer activity, marketing engagement history, quotes, and AI-powered insights—all in one place, available on any device.

Personalize Every Interaction

Make the most of every conversation 

Deliver content on preferred channels, and get intelligent notifications to engage at the right moment. Tailor each conversation and generate custom proposals to meet your customers' unique needs. 

Expand Opportunities

Create high-value, long-term relationships

Automate targeted outreach leading up to renewals. Uncover opportunities to cross-sell and upsell with ease. Collaborate across departments to keep deals moving forward.

Make every minute count: Automate processes and access data on any device

Empower sales reps to work faster and smarter. Boost team impact with insights, guidance, and forecasts built from AI. Online or offline, the data you need is right at your fingertips.

Evolve your sales strategy and expand yo

Sell more with a high-performance sales foundation. Help your reps sell smarter by streamlining the sales cycle with an integrated CRM solution. 

Boost rep efficiency
Spend more time selling

Eliminate low-value activities like manual data entry, and give your sales reps more time to focus on their customers. Capture new contacts from email automatically and create a more complete view of your customers.  Increase the volume of calls and emails your team can make with a high productivity process and workspace

Make winning decisions
Take the guesswork out of selling

Transform your customer data into actionable insights with sales analytics and AI.  Help reps prioritize the right actions with sales insights right where they need them when they need them.  Enable managers and reps to see which opportunities are (or aren't!) likely to close and why, so they have time to strategize and course correct.

Speed up enablement
Maximize every rep's potential

Upskill existing reps and onboard new reps faster with fun, measurable, and scalable enablement tools that they can access and complete on-demand.  Create a high productivity workspace for sales teams to collaborate and execute together, more easily than ever.

Evolve your sales strategy and expand your reach

Have the agility to adjust your strategy on-the-fly. Respond to new markets and industries, or just a new neighborhood. Plan territories, see team performance, track rep execution, and more

Make every minute count Automate process

Increase your market share with a complete solution for strategic growth.


Turn your sales strategy into a forecast for success with data visualization, workflow solutions, and embedded AI.

Create simple, repeatable success

Customize sales workflows and quickly adapt processes that turn your sales strategy into revenue. Reduce disruption with automation to help sales navigate even the biggest changes in your go-to-market.

Track performance
Boost growth with data-driven decisions

Use embedded AI to identify roadblocks in your sales pipeline. Collect and analyze data in real-time to see what activities are driving growth.

Integrate data sources
Sync all your data in one system for a full view of your business.

Empower sales to spot opportunities with reports and dashboards that highlight customer insights from third-party, on-premise, and legacy products. Create a holistic view of your customer

Improve your sales with the world's #1 CRM

Learn how Salesforce helps companies exceed expectations at every step of the sales cycle

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