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Salesforce Law Firm Solution

Improve Your Business

Being in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution increased the implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in organizations by 270% over the last 4 years what is making the world around us become smarter with robotics and the internet of things (IoT) that are transforming customer experiences and business performances. Marketing and sales prioritize AI and machine learning higher than any other department in enterprises today by 40% what is making jobs more productive and valuable than ever allowing businesses to have new products and provide better services with smarter Apps and devices.

Law Industry Challenges

The success UAE has achieved in all fields pave the way towards realizing the goals set forth by 2021 vision with the most complicated legal systems & its laws varying between the various Emirates and Free Zones. Many businesses are enthusiastic about the economic boost they will receive from Expo 2020 in Dubai that will increase the chances for business owners to build new ideas and innovation in the marketplace and this will increase the chance for legal firms to have a presence in the market and attract more customers. However, legal firms are currently facing many challenges in the market such as the competition & acquiring new Clients, the demand for specialized solutions, the expectations of more services with lower rates, the time spent on administrative tasks, & lots of Legal tech solutions in the market.


Acquiring New Clients

Talking of technology & the legal industry together, many law firms are investing heavily in legal technology systems that have allowed law firms to perform efficiently & increase their productivity. Salesforce, the cloud-based customizable platform that has the necessary tools that can be built and adjusted for your firm’s operation to help you bring more business and achieve growth took part in this with its customer relationship management solutions that brought companies and customers together with significant results over the past 20 years such as 28% average increase in revenue, and 26% increase in Marketing ROI reported by Salesforce customers.                                     



Now, it is time for legal firms to innovate and adapt new methods in the legal profession to see actual improvements and increase their ROI so that they can provide their clients with access to technology platforms enabling them to continuously monitor progress and receive regular updates on their litigation matters and working files in the future.

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