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Audience Studio: Identity

Drive better email campaigns and improve lookalike modeling with onboarded data from top customers. Increase reach up to 50% for existing Audience Studio Marketing Cloud integrations.


Distributed Marketing: Quick Send from Case

Send messages to a primary contact, lead, or person account from a case record within your standard Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Community Cloud instance.


Einstein Content Selection

Use AI to select the best content for every section of your subscriber messages. Manage real-time engagement metrics and keep your messaging relevant.


Marketing Cloud Integration with Google Analytics 360 Enhancements

View metrics about SMS message performance for Journey Builder and the Journey Analytics Dashboard users. See how SMS messages in journeys impact conversions and other interactions.


Audience Studio: Lookalike Segments Enhancements

Maximize reach and performance with lookalike segments based on population size. Identify the degree of similarity for individuals within those segments.


Datorama Harmonization Center

Prepare and harmonize your marketing data with tools to standardize and validate naming conventions, as well as enrich data classifications across any data source or platform


Datorama Data Canvas

Build powerful, beautiful dashboards to visualize all your marketing data — no coding or design skills needed. Plus, collaborate and share with annotations, exporting, and presentation mode.

Earn Customers for Life with Digital Marketing Built on the #1 CRM

Pardot provides a full suite of tools that help marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals

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