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Dubai Expo 2020: The Economic Booster of Dubai and the UAE

Salesforce partner in Dubai, UAE
Dubai Expo 2020: The Economic Booster of Dubai and the UAE

We are very proud to be one of the technology partners of Dubai Expo 2020. For us, Expo inspired us to build a better world and innovative solutions not only for our own clients but for the global market and global future. Our partnership with Expo motivated us to be able to generate new insightful solutions.

The world is observing every step and action taken by Dubai authorities in preparation for such a great event that will be the biggest in MENA. This event was scheduled to be hosted from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Expo is currently hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates from 1 October 2021 and will be held for 5 months to 31 March 2022.

As one of Salesforce's partners in Dubai, we are very overwhelmed with pride with the success story of Dubai Expo 2020, especially after the challenging situation after the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions. We can proudly see that the efforts of the UAE especially Dubai was crowned with achieving amazing hosting for the most significant global gathering during the pandemic.

The event had a huge impact on the economy of Dubai and the whole UAE. The economic boost from the Expo was valued at more than USD 33.4 billion and added 1.5% to the UAE’s GDP. That impact influenced Dubai authorities to have their unique position in the Middle East, GCC, North Africa, and South Asia region. Those 5 months of experience bring all businesses of all sizes, governmental, and international organizations from all over the world to participate and drive sustainable growth.

How is Investment in Expo 2020 paid for burnishing the Dubai brand?

Salesforce partner in Dubai, UAE
Investment in Expo 2020 paid for burnishing the Dubai brand via infrastructure, Tourism and logistics sector.

Millions of visitors have come from all over the world to the Expo seeking a permanent shift in their growth by a lot of chances, businesses, technologies, and the power of showcases. And with no doubt, will boost Dubai's and the UAE's income with them spending billions of dollars to the government and private sector expecting long-term economic growth. That growth includes various sectors:

  • Infrastructure: The event host city invested in the infrastructure, Expo 2010 cost Shanghai over USD 40 billion on building metro lines, roads, bridges, and rails. The same is expected at Expo 2022 Dubai.

  • Real estate: construction in Dubai has continued to improve regarding Expo 2020 by around 42% of UAE ongoing projects in Dubai.

  • Tourism: Over 25 million visitors were expected through arrangements also was a part of UAE Tourism Vision 2020. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing depended on boosting tourism.

How did zCloud Consultancy participate in the Digital transformation of Expo 2020?

Salesforce partner in Dubai, UAE
Cloud Consultancy participate in the Digital transformation of Expo 2020

As a Salesforce partner in UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, and Qatar, we gave further momentum to the digital transformation by sharing knowledge, new platforms, skills, and solutions to make sure that the digital goals have been achieved in Expo 2020 Dubai.

As a part of the Salesforce partners and cloud computing sector of Dubai and UAE, we proudly took part in the process of digitization and mobilization of Expo. The official partnership with Salesforce for CRM systems enabled us to provide excellent hubs of cloud services. For more information about our service please visit zCloud Consultancy products and services section.

In Conclusion

The country proved excellence preparing for this important event with incredible strides in organizations that had taken international headlines before it even began. The Expo has successfully put Dubai on its way to create another significant impact on the UAE economy and make it one of the major branded countries in the world.

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