Ahmed Adel: "Well, as usual, I am not surprised that Salesforce named the #1 CRM for the 7th time"

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Well, as usual, I am not surprised that Salesforce named the #1 CRM for the 7th time

9 years back I had no idea what is Salesforce is, I got an interview for a Salesforce position. I was excited to read more about Apex, Visualforce Pages, etc and for 7 days I was practicing so I can evaluate the new platform and at the same time to get accepted.

I fall in love with Salesforce from day 1 and I realized I made the right decision to switch to Salesforce.

I am not surprised that Salesforce is the top CRM because for 9 years I saw how big they are and how much respect they show to their customers and partners.

They listen and engage customers, They invest money on new features 3 times per year, and these features are proposed by customers as ideas.

Since day 1 I started my Business as a Salesforce partner and I am depending on this wonderful platform to run my business.

How to find customers

How to close deals faster

And how to engage my whole team on a daily basis for project management.

We are a Salesforce partner.

We are a Salesforce customer

We are trailblazers.

Ahmed Adel

General Manager and Founder of ZCloud Consultancy

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