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Business Owners Important Role Fighting COVID-19

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Everyone got affected by COVID-19 known as Coronavirus, before Coronavirus we used to work from offices. Asking our team to work from the office on a daily basis, our employees used to spend a lot of time in commuting.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, all governments initiated the lockdown and most of the entities were forced to work from home. These decisions proofed that many companies can work from home without any single impact on their businesses. Thanks to the great technology we have on our hands nowadays.

Due to This pandemic, many countries took the damage, and lockdown started to be reduced day by day till a full unlock will happen very soon.

This unlock will help the majority of industries to work, people not to lose their jobs, and the economy to recover. However, since a lot of businesses were able to fully operate during the lockdown, allowing the whole team to work from home, I encourage them to keep their teams work from home most of the time as long as there is no need to meet at the office.

For sure this initiative will reduce the Coronavirus's spread rates, and this will help all governments all over the globe to have less pressure fighting This pandemic. I consider it a national duty that we all have to give to society, and our employees.

The more Safety you can provide to your employees and their families, the more you will gain.

We at zCloud Consultancy, we started working from home protocol in early March 2020, and we will keep working from home as long as our team members are not exposed to infection.

Our team is the most important asset we have. Safety is our number one priority.

By: Ahmed Adel

General Manager and Founder of ZCloud Consultancy

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