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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

As remote work and social distancing swept the globe, businesses face significant logistical issues. However, signing crucial documents electronically from a home office or device does not need to be one of them. That’s mainly because DocuSign changed the way businesses manage electronic approvals, transactions, file legal briefs, and sign-off on agreements remotely.

Thanks to DocuSign, the ability to finalize the paperwork for a transaction with a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse became possible. We’re not exaggerating by saying that DocuSign is one of the tools that kept our clients moving forward helping them to stem the tide of the pandemic.

Why Do We Recommend DocuSign?

1- DocuSign Is Safe

You might be concerned like many business owners that keep them away from utilizing eSignature software, mainly security, but there is an answer to all of those concerns. DocuSign engages all parties through a series of authentication protocols. These include the following.

  • Requiring Access Code Authentication

  • Requiring SMS Verification

  • Phone Validation

  • Email Validation

  • Identity Authentication

  • Third-Party Corroboration

  • Knowledge-Based Substantiation

  • Geolocation Capture

2- Global Enterprise Standard

DocuSign is not new to technology. Currently, DocuSign leads the industry with more than 100K customers, more than 50M users across 188 countries, and 43 languages.

3- Bank-Grade Security

DocuSign is the only DTM (Digital Transaction Management) provider that offers cloud-based, customer-controlled data encryption within their own data center and leading bank-grade security certifications.

4- Largest Partners Ecosystem

DocuSign’s partner ecosystem includes leading financial

services such as: iPipeline, Fiserv, DocuPace, Laser App,

Laserfiche, Ebix, Oracle, Microsoft Office 365, eOriginal, Gmail, Google Drive, Outlook, Dropbox, and a lot more. It’s a seamless process with the least amount of friction possible.

5- It’s Legal

Agreements signed with DocuSign are legally binding in 180+ countries. You can sign agreements in 43 languages. And can be used for a wide range of legal documents, including contracts, NDAs, permission slips, bank documents, etc.

If you want to go paperless and never have to scan, fax, or overnight a piece of paper ever again, DocuSign is a perfect solution for businesses of any size. Talk to us and start today!

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