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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The safety of your workforce is the #1 priority that made all of us move to remote work. However, in the past couple of weeks, the fight against COVID-19 has intensified. Many people around the world are simply staying at home. We are now discovering what it’s really like to be home all day long, while also trying to stay productive and connected to our work teams. Since 1999, Salesforce pioneered cloud-based CRM Solution and has helped 150,000+ companies run their companies more effectively. Now, the need for Salesforce solutions has even increased. It can support everything regarding working from home from scheduling meetings to the way you manage your teams and providing quality services to your customers. We wanted to share with you how to make the best use of remote work experiences to be equally productive as working from offices. Before diving right in the solutions there are ample benefits of using Salesforce as a platform for your solutions. Following are some advantages: Find: Salesforce puts everything you need to generate demand, nurture leads, and drive results right at your fingertips by its solutions that fit B2B and B2C models. Win: Transform sales challenges into success stories by turning your sales and strategy obstacles into opportunities building credibility and relationships that can be built when you know everything about your prospects. Keep: By delivering extraordinary customer service with multi-channel support that allows you to follow up with your customers and maintaining long-lasting relationships with them. Engage: By reimagining your relationship with your customers, creating a better experience for them, and improving your marketing and remarketing outcomes. Now let’s cut to the chase, 1. Sell better from home: Sales Cloud A CRM program that tracks your leads, keeps a database of prospects and customers, has a calendar and reminder, and also can store common correspondence, and documents. 2. Deliver next-level customer experiences: Service Cloud With Salesforce's Service Cloud you can quickly set up multiple channels - Customer Communities, Social Cloud, Inbound/Outbound Telephony, Support Center in addition to EMAIL and WEB support. Salesforce enables quick configuration of these channels reducing the time needed to set up your Support Teams and Organizations. 3. Earn new customers: Marketing Cloud/Salesforce Pardot Pardot and Marketing Cloud are marketing automation solutions that fit in B2B and B2C models. Salesforce can help you to grow your customers base by: Automating campaigns to generate more high-quality leads Personalizing your customers’ journey Measuring campaign performance A full overview of customer’s engagement history 4. Make it easy for your customers: Customer Portal Customer Portal in Salesforce provides online support for the customers to resolve their inquiries by providing a better user interface to the customer. 5. Services integration: Quip Expand your Salesforce practice by leveraging the power of Quip for Customer 360 to accelerate the adoption of real-time, cross-functional collaboration, enabling a culture of action and delivering additional value for your clients. We think those solutions are enough. Are you ready to take a tour and experience these solutions in person? Get in touch! Call us on (+971) 50-809-0140 Or message us on

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