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How to Adapt to the New Normal? Moving Forward After the Lockdown

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID19) started to decrease. GOOD NEWS! Governments around the world started easing the lockdown measures that their countries had been under for months. Businesses are returning to their normal life, their offices, and started to give up on their digital transformation. Relaxing the social distancing restrictions impacted the digitalization plans. So is it a good idea to give up on that digital transformation?

How businesses benefited from the lockdown?

  1. People who work at home perform better than people in offices.

  2. Feeling safe and comfortable in the working environment has an impact on your work and makes you more creative.

  3. Working from home saves time and effort wasted on commuting.

  4. It saves money too, and makes people decrease their sick leaves, vacations, and take fewer breaks as well.

Salesforce and the digital transformation: The business world is in a period of transition. Now, every organization must have these types of technologies to fit in today’s digital era: social, mobile, analytics, and cloud. Also known as SMAC. Guess what? Salesforce provides them all! These technologies have been configured to support digital transformation. Now, you’re definitely wondering what makes Salesforce different from all the other companies.

First, Salesforce is considered as it lives in the cloud which makes Salesforce have the ability to access any mobile phone.

Second, Salesforce is doing its best to help its partners manage their social media easily.

Third, Salesforce is exerting a huge effort in merging mobile phones into the sales process which made the companies have the ability to transform the customers’ experience to be digitized.

Fourth, Salesforce is working as an analytical powerhouse by using artificial intelligence (AI) to transform all your data into business insights.

Salesforce’s effort to help its customers:

Salesforce and its customers are fighting Coronavirus and offering new solutions. Making people adjust to the changes is not easy at all. Many employees are suffering from these new changes. Salesforce is an easy platform and people will master it very quickly and easily. Salesforce is excelling at helping its employees with their hard, challenging, and complicated tasks. Salesforce is giving its users an average 478% ROI in only 5 years! What a great achievement!

Cooperation with Salesforce:

One of the most important things in digital transformation is communication between departments and service units. Using Salesforce CPQ and Sales Cloud have begun when Simplus worked with Alcon and McAfee. These two features of Salesforce are making a hard effort to encourage people to work together as a team and provide them with tools that will help them. In addition to companies, employees, vendors, and partners, all these categories of people can open and work on the Salesforce platform from any device; which means that all collaborators outside the organization won’t be treated as second-degree people.

The pandemic has an impact on Salesforce and its clients

Salesforce now has more than 7000 sign-ups for Salesforce Care. Also, the AppExchange COVID-19 Resources for businesses page continues to provide people with offerings, consulting, and solutions services.

We’re here to support your continuous improvement

Digital Transformation is no longer an option. However, it needs a plan. For many organizations, it veers off its course because of other challenges. Have you ever faced this struggle before? If the answer is yes, Salesforce will help you to focus on the digital transformation by serving up real-time business insights. Whatever the problem that you have is, we’re always here!

Organizations need support now and then, to get accurate results during digital transformation. Our consultants are ready to use Salesforce’s core tools that you’ll need in your digital transformation. Our team is eligible to guide you through your business’s continuous improvement especially in this challenging time. Need to know more? Meet our consultants at Salesforce Live: Middle East and Africa.

Join an amazing online experience like no other! Streaming a live virtual booth, meeting our experts, and hearing their tips for business innovation and inspiration will be available on September 30. Save your spot!

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