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Pardot, the B2B Marketing Automation Booster of Salesforce

Pardot, the B2B Marketing Automation Booster of Salesforce

All businesses aim to get higher revenue and growth rate at the lowest costs possible but most of the company's issues are to align their customers' processes and platforms to achieve their KPIs.

Marketing Automation is the fastest trending technology in 2022. It is used by large businesses. Moreover, its tools have become more scalable for small startups.

What is Marketing Automation?

Are the technologies and platforms that manage a business’s marketing processes and repetitive tasks such as marketing campaigns, social media posting, and events automatically.

How can the Pardot platform solve automation processes problems?

How can the Pardot platform solve automation processes problems?

Marketers nowadays are overloaded with digital works, dealing with issues with no tracking and guessing why there are unqualified leads. Pardot platform is the best solution that can assist by supporting you in scaling your software and delivering more personalized and targeted leads. And regarding sales and effectiveness let’s talk about major problems Pardot platform can solve:

  1. Slow Marketing Automation: Actually, fast-growing organizations need to generate more leads. Marketing automation processes support businesses with scheduling and arranging tasks they manage.

  2. Tracking User Engagement: It is essential that all activities need to track user engagement, manage and automate marketing processing. With the Pardot platform, we can utilize targeting and circulation to optimize all those activities.

  3. Leak Sales Funnel: It’s hard to consider the biggest challenge for marketers and according to b2b technologies generating leads that do not belong to your sales funnel is not good.

  4. Leads are not qualified: Marketers also need to make sure that these leads are a good fit for the company. The business will be able to personalize each customer journey through the business processes.

  5. Marketing gaps: If your business is experiencing an automation process through the Pardot platform, the automation of marketing with your customers must ensure delivering personalized communication at each stage.

Benefits of the Pardot platform on your business ROI:

Paradot potential benefits on your business ROI

With our Pardot implementation, you will see an immediate marketing impact on your revenue. Pardot from salesforce and implemented by zCloud Consultancy can support evaluating the journey of your customers and business campaigns and data.

Marketing automation by the Pardot platform optimizes your business investment when reducing overhead to become savings up to 5%. Also boosts the growth of revenue rather than companies that have no automation platform. Saving time and money is a plus when doing your activities in the right way that will cause 50% more sales and 33% lower for each lead generated.

Once you start implementing your Pardot platform with zCloud Consultancy, we will provide you with a strategy that you can use. We make sure that what you are looking for is easier for your business to get by choosing such an effective platform to ensure aligning all cross functions. The second step is to implement the Pardot platform with the right marketing automation technology, generate qualified leads, monitor your sales insights, and ensure it’s working as desired.

Finally, we mention that the Salesforce Marketing Cloud technology is the most used platform that supports you follow up with your customers, this platform has many features that enhance marketing your sales via email, social media, and other marketing tools. This marketing platform is seamlessly attached to sales and allows your data flow. Pardot is the platform that mainly focuses on additional features to your business sales activities.

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